Emperor & Augustus of the Romans, Charles "Charlemagne" I

(742 - 814)
The Cathedral of Aachen
D-52062 Aachen - GERMANY
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Career Objectives

I am a proactive and relatively progressive manager looking for an administrative position in a kingdom looking to expand. My "can do" attitude and experience consolidating western Europe and defending an empire from barbarian invasion and jihad, combined with diplomatic and leadership skills honed during a 30-year regency and a 13-year imperial reign, far exceed any difficulties that may be caused by my death in 814.


Spoken: Frankish, Latin, Greek, and several Teutonic dialects.   Read: Latin and Greek.

Work Experience

814 - present: Famous Dead Historical Figure

Responsibilities and Achievements

800 - 814: 68th Emperor & Augustus of the Romans

Responsibilities and Achievements

771 - 800: King of the Franks, Patricus Romanus

Responsibilities and Achievements

768 - 771: Co-Regent of the Franks; Patricius Romanus

Responsibilities and Achievements

742 - 768: Charles of Lčige, son of Pepin III, mayor of the Merovingian Palace


His Holiness Pope Leo III (? - 816) c/o The Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City, EUROPE

Alcuin of York (735 - 804)
Église de St-Martin
Tours, Indre-et-Loire
3700, FRANCE

Eginharn (770 - 840)
Private Secretary to the Emperors Charles I and Louis I
Abbey Seligenstadt
D-63500 Siligenstadt, Hessen - GERMANY

Joyeuse the Sword
The Vienna Treasury
1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA

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D-52022 Aachen - GERMANY

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